Written by Carol Svec
Carol Svec examines every facet of balance in a way that is highly entertaining, broadly accessible, and rigorously researched. 
The Global Forest
Written by Diana Beresford-Kroeger
A lyrical collection of essays on the science and importance of trees in the ecosystem (which includes mankind) 
A Therapist's Guide To EMDR
Written by Laurel Parnell
This book goes into the therapy room with clinicians who actually use EMDR, and shows listeners how to do it in practice.
Genetics for Dummies
Written by Tara Rodden Robinson, PhD and Lisa Spock, PhD, CGC
From Mendel to CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, a comprehensive overview of genetics and it's industry.

Wendy Tremont King

SAG-AFTRA Audiobook Narrator

Brainy Stuff, Self-Dev, Memoir

I utilize my Silicon Valley engineering career, background in science and thirst for continuing education to deliver knowledgeable reads of technology, business, health science and environmental issues. 


The audiobook community is a collection of welcoming, generous, thoughtful people and I'm grateful to be a part of it.  I am fortunate to have a vocation that feeds my curiosity and neural pathways. 


Read my engineering bio here.

COVID-19 genome first 720 bases

Brainy Stuff

Cutting edge brain research is addressing issues of aging and disease and is being written about in an accessible manner.  I'm fascinated by the details of how diet, exercise and social interaction support brain health.  I love to narrate books that stimulate my neurons into action, even on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Wendy Tremont King

SAG-AFTRA Audiobook Narrator

Cozy - Mystery - Romance - Thriller


In my family, storytelling is what you do at the dinner table.  My Dad, a retired physical chemistry professor, has one of those booming laughs and he uses it often.  I like to think I inherited, in addition to his knack for numbers, his unwavering sense of humor and unflappable nature!  His mother was an actor and radio storyteller in the 1920s and my brother is a writer, so I guess you could say, it's a family thing.  We all love to tell stories.  

Read my acting bio here.

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The Maid of the Mist
Shelby Nichols Adventure Series
Written by Colleen Helme
USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Colleen Helme offers a clever mix of mystery, laugh-out-loud humor, and adventure in the highly acclaimed Shelby Nichols Adventure Series
Magic & Mixology Mystery Series
Written by Gina LaManna
Lily Locke is the new Mixologist on the Isle where Magic and Mystery serve up a fun cast of characters and other beings.
The Debt Series
Written by Molly O'Keefe
Rosa is terrified her ugly past might bleed into their daughter’s future so she broke the law to make sure Marco got custody.  Now she's staying far away from both of them. But Marco isn’t letting her run from him. Not again.
Once Two Sisters
Written by Sarah Warburton co-narrated with Chelsea Stephens
As her sister's life hangs in the balance, Zoe draws on hidden reserves of strength and hope to save the sister she never thought she loved.


Take the Leap

The snow is falling.  The house is drafty and quiet.  Outside, a neighbor trudges down the snow-tramped sidewalk, his dog tugging on the leash.  My neighbor's free hand is jammed in his jacket pocket as he looks down, keeping pace.  I think of that other man, whose dog wreaks havoc in his life, creating comical calamity with the girl who turns out to be the love of his life.  The neighbor trudges on.  I return to my booth.

-Wendy Tremont King

Horseshoe Falls, The Canadian Side


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