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A narrator must connect with the story as the author intended so she spends quality time with a book before settling down in front of the microphone.  Yes, she reads it thoroughly first!

Brainy Stuff

Cutting edge brain research is addressing issues of aging and disease and is being written about in an accessible manner.  I'm fascinated by the details of how diet, exercise and social interaction support brain health.  I love to narrate books that stimulate my neurons into action, even on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


She researches concepts, pronunciation and dialect.  She looks for the subtext to play actions and arranges character voices to be distinguishable and consistent.


Take the Leap

The snow is falling.  The house is drafty and quiet.  Outside, a neighbor trudges down the snow-tramped sidewalk, his dog tugging on the leash.  My neighbor's free hand is jammed in his jacket pocket as he looks down, keeping pace.  I think of that other man, whose dog wreaks havoc in his life, creating comical calamity with the girl who turns out to be the love of his life.  The neighbor trudges on.  I return to my booth.

Horseshoe Falls, The Canadian Side


Once in the booth, she pays close attention to detail, stays present in the moment and calls on her stamina to regulate a consistent level of energy.

And tells the story!

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