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"I turned the hairpin a little, feeling the lock’s tumblers start to shift."
The Crown Jewel Mystery by Charles Veley and Anna Elliott
Book Report:

Crown Jewel Mystery

A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery

By: Anna Elliott and Charles Veley

Narrated by: Wendy Tremont King and Simon Prebble

Length: 2 hrs and 46 mins

Release date: 8-16-2017

Publisher: Charles Veley

If Sherlock Holmes had a daughter...

She would have a keen eye, deductive abilities, a brave heart and a streak of independence.

THE CROWN JEWEL MYSTERY is the prequel to the series and provides background to Lucy's arrival in London and a near miss encounter with Watson and Holmes.  The story is told in alternating chapters by Lucy and Watson.  In this prequel, Lucy proves her worth in a crisis situation at the Oxford Street branch of the Capital and Counties Bank.  She's charming, witty, smart and tough... and pretty good with a hairpin!


I couldn't ask for a better role than LUCY JAMES!

But my skirts are constantly edged in London mud...

ABR Awards Finalist
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