The Crown Jewel Mystery by Charles Veley and Anna Elliott
Book Report:

Crown Jewel Mystery

A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery

By: Anna Elliott and Charles Veley

Narrated by: Wendy Tremont King and Simon Prebble

Length: 2 hrs and 46 mins

Release date: 8-16-2017

Publisher: Charles Veley

"I had always, for as long as I could remember, noticed things like photographs and uneven shaving jobs and half-glimpsed doctor’s bills."
-Lucy James
The Crown Jewel Mystery
by Charles Veley and Anna Elliott
"I turned the hairpin a little, feeling the lock’s tumblers start to shift."

If Sherlock Holmes had a daughter...

She would have a keen eye, deductive abilities, a brave heart and a streak of independence.

When I received an email from Charles Veley and his writing partner and daughter Anna Elliott asking if I would be interested in narrating THE CROWN JEWEL MYSTERY with the Sherlock Holmes master narrator, Simon Prebble, I thought they must have sent the email to the wrong person!  So I immediately said yes and held my breath.  Now we're on our 4th wonderful, witty, gritty and delightful mystery together.


THE CROWN JEWEL MYSTERY is the prequel to the series and provides background to Lucy's arrival in London and a near miss encounter with Watson and Holmes.  The story is told in alternating chapters by Lucy (narrated by King) and Watson (narrated by Prebble).  In this prequel, Lucy proves her worth in a crisis situation at the Oxford Street branch of the Capital and Counties Bank.  She's charming, witty, smart and tough... and pretty good with a hairpin!


I couldn't ask for a better role than LUCY JAMES!

But my skirts are constantly edged in London mud...

-Wendy Tremont King, narrator

ABR Awards Finalist

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